Past Exhibition: Clodion Terracottas from North American Collections

Clodion Terracottas from North American Collections
June 5, 1984 to September 30, 1984
photograph of terracotta sculpture of a naked embracing couple surrounded by cupids

This important exhibition of terracotta sculptures by the French master Claude Michel (1738–1814), called Clodion, included eleven works from North American museums and private collections, and two signed and dated works in The Frick Collection: the Satyr with Two Bacchantes (1766) and the Zephyrus and Flora (1799). Executed from 1765 to 1802, the terracottas in the exhibition span nearly all of Clodion's long career, from the early productions of his Roman years to work executed during the reign of Napoleon.

Claude Michel Clodion, Zephyrus and Flora, 1799. The Frick Collection, New York

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