Russia and Scandinavia

The Scher Collection includes a small but important group of medals representing medallic production in Russia and Scandinavia, where the cross-cultural exchange of artists, patrons, and medals was particularly important.

  • Silver medal of a man wearing a shirt with high collar and flat cap and a thick chain around his neck

    Unknown artist
    Anselm Ephorinus (ca. 1498–1566) and His Wife Sophia [Fogelweder] (b. ca. 1525), dated 1557
    Silver, cast
    Diam.: 3 11/16 in. (9.3 cm)
    Scher Collection

    Cat. 127

  • Silver medal of a woman wearing a dress with high Renaissance collar, necklace, ear-ring

    Unknown artist
    Princess Hedwig of Denmark (1581–1641; Electress of Saxony 1602–11), after 1602
    Silver, cast
    1 5/16 × 1 1/8 in. (3.36 × 2.8 cm)
    Scher Collection

    Cat. 128

  • Unknown artist
    Gustavus II Adolphus, King of Sweden (b. 1594; r. 1611–32),
    ca. 1630–32
    Silver, embossed, from Nuremberg or Stettin (Germany), with hallmark of Paul Walter from Dresden in the field on the left
    3 13/16 × 2 13/16 in. (9.73 × 7.13 cm) (including frame)
    Scher Collection

    Cat. 129

  • Silver medal of a man wearing a harness with a draped mantle

    Possibly Johan Höhn (1607–1693)
    Boguslaw (1620–1669) and Anna Maria (1640–1667) Radziwill of Poland, 1665
    Silver, struck
    Diam.: 1 15/16 in. (4.88 cm)
    Scher Collection

    Cat. 130

  • Silver medal of a man crowned with laurel, wearing a harness with inlaid plastron and decorated with a leonine muzzle, with a draped imperial mantle

    Fyodor Alexeyev (1753–1824)
    Peter I of Russia, the Great (b. 1672; Tsar of All Russia 1682–1721; Emperor of All Russia 1721–25), dated 1703
    Silver, struck
    Diam.: 2 3/16 in. (5.5 cm)
    The Frick Collection; Gift of Stephen K. and Janie Woo Scher, 2016

    Cat. 131

  • Bronze medal of a man wearing a long beard and an open wide shirt

    Leopold Sinayeff-Bernstein (1867–1944)
    Leo Tolstoy (Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy) (1828–1910), 1911
    Copper alloy, cast
    Diam.: 10 7/16 in. (26.52 cm)
    Scher Collection

    Cat. 132

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