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Past Exhibition

Halt of a Detachment

engraving of soldiers in a landscape

Charles-Nicolas Cochin (1715–1790)
After Jean-Antoine Watteau (1684–1721)
Halt of a Detachment
In LŒuvre d’Antoine Watteau, Peintre du Roy en son Académie Roïale de Peinture et Sculpture, gravé d’après ses tableaux et desseins originaux tirez du cabinet du Roy et des plus curieux de l’Europe par les soins de M. de Jullienne, vol. 2. Paris, ca. 1740.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert N. Straus, 1928

Watteau became one of the eighteenth century’s most celebrated artists in part through the dealer Jean de Jullienne’s efforts to have his entire oeuvre, both drawings and paintings, engraved shortly after his death. This engraving, after a now lost painting, is notable for the graceful arabesque of figures spread across the landscape. Two related drawings are on view in the exhibition: Three Studies of Resting Soldiers and Two Studies of Standing SoldiersRecruits Going to Join the Regiment, also on view, is its likely pendant.