El Greco Comes to America: The Discovery of a Modern Old Master

Lectures from the Center for the History of Collecting, El Greco Comes to America,& given on January 26, 2015. Related Publication: El Greco Comes to America.

This day-long symposium commemorated the four hundredth anniversary of the death of Domenikos Theotokopolous, known as El Greco, and celebrated the superlative examples of the artist’s work in New York collections. The artist’s idiosyncratic style emanated a kind of modernism that resonated with collectors in the New World, resulting in American museums owning many of El Greco’s finest works outside Spain. Eight speakers addressed topics that focused on individual collectors including Arabella Huntington, Louisine Havemeyer, Henry Clay Frick, Peter Widener, and Duncan Phillips, while also addressing the impact of exhibitions and the role of artist-advisers such as Mary Cassatt and Roger Fry.

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