Recovering Women’s Legacies: Part One

June 2, 2021

Part One: Archives Revealed

Complicated Legacies: A Look at Women Dealers and Collectors from the WPI Digital Archives 
Sandrine Canac and Samantha Rowe, The Wildenstein Plattner Institute

Canac and Rowe draw from materials found in the WPI Digital Archives and Sales Catalogue Database in order to consider the underappreciated role of women dealers and collectors of the 19th and early 20th centuries in the global art market.

Discovering Women Collectors, Dealers, and Artists in The Frick Collection Archives
Sally Brazil, The Frick Collection

Brazil focuses on The Frick Collection’s archival and manuscript holdings pertaining to women art dealers who sold works of art to Helen Clay Frick and her father Henry as well as the women artists they both patronized.

As centers for art historical research, the WPI and the Frick are dedicated to promoting the accessibility of art historical information and to encouraging new avenues of exploration among scholars.

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