Virtual Tour Help


Navigating Floors

You can interact with the Virtual Tour using your mouse or keyboard. Begin exploring Frick Madison by clicking on one of the floor icons ​at right. This will take you to the first gallery of the selected floor.

darkened screenshot of virtual tour to highlight floor navigation

You can move through the galleries by clicking on an adjacent room in the Virtual Tour. 
Note: Due to software limitations, this action generates a new tab. 

screenshot of virtual tour with magnification on tag navigation

Alternatively, click on the map icon      to find your location on the map. From here, you can select any gallery on any floor to continue exploring virtually.

Exploring Galleries

When you enter a gallery, you will notice white circles on the floor of the space.

screenshot of virtual tour with white circles on the floor

These are scan points that you can move to by clicking on them with your mouse. Rotate your view of the virtual space by clicking anywhere else and dragging.

In addition to using the mouse, you may use the following keyboard commands:

  • J - look LEFT

  • L - look RIGHT

  • I - look UP

  • K - look DOWN

  • A - move LEFT

  • D - move RIGHT

  • W - move FORWARD

  • S - move BACKWARD

  • - look LEFT

  • - look RIGHT

  • - move FORWARD

  • - move BACKWARD


Use the scroll wheel or the plus and minus keys to zoom in and out. 

+ - zoom in

- - zoom out

Information Tags

Throughout the tour there are small gray circles (called tags) near works of art to indicate that more information is available. Click on a tag to reveal more information about the work of art next to it.

screenshot of virtual tour with information tag activated

The “More” link will take you to the work’s page on our website. If there is an episode of Cocktails with a Curator about the work, you will find the relevant link in the tag.