Gift Policy

January 2021

The Frick Art Reference Library accepts unrestricted gifts that fall within the scope of its collections according to the following guidelines.

Gifts of Research Materials for Accessioning into Library Collections

Whether to accept a gift of research materials for accessioning is at the discretion of the Library. Gifts accepted for accessioning must satisfy the following factors:

  • The proposed gift must fall within the parameters of geography, chronology, subject category, and format, as detailed in the Collection Development Policy; and
  • The physical condition of a proposed gift must be generally clean and good, although allowances may be made if the gift consists of rare or old research materials.

Gifts accepted for accessioning will be subject to the guidelines for deaccessioning.

Gifts of Research Materials Not Accessioned into Library Collections

Whether to accept a gift of research materials for purposes other than accessioning is at the discretion of the Library. The decision will take into consideration the following factors:

  • Whether the gift fits within the collecting scope of the Library;
  • Whether a ready market exists for the research materials;
  • Monetary value of the proposed gift; and
  • Condition of the proposed gift.

In addition, the Library must be permitted to dispose of the gift at its sole discretion. The donor may not impose any restrictions that preclude the Library from disposing of the gift at any time or in any manner.


Gifts of research materials that are not accessioned into the Library collections will be disposed of as soon as legally allowable, whether by sale, exchange, or gift. Gifts of donated research materials will be made only to other public collections or organizations exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended.

Proceeds from the sale of any gift of research materials will be used solely for Library acquisitions.

Proposed Gifts of Archival Materials

Proposed gifts of archival materials not covered by this Gift Policy will be considered by the department of Archives and Records Management in accordance with its policies and procedures. Email with inquiries.


A donor of research materials is responsible for obtaining any appraisals necessary for income or gift and estate tax purposes. Library staff may not provide written valuations of books or other research materials.

Donation in Support of Gifts

When possible, we encourage donors to include a monetary gift in addition to their donation of materials. Monetary donations directly support the processing, conservation, and cataloging of gifted materials, ensuring access to these materials as quickly as possible. Upon request, the Library can provide cost estimates to help inform monetary donation decisions.

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