Bibliography of BIPOC Artists, Collectors, and Dealers

Welcome to the Frick Art Reference Library’s research guide to artists, collectors, and dealers of underrepresented identities in our collections, including those who are Black, Indigenous, Asian, and Hispanic and Latinx. In recognition of the largely European and Western-centric nature of the Library’s collection, this guide seeks to serve as a public tool through which materials on BIPOC artists, collectors, and dealers can be made more discoverable. This resource contains materials in a variety of formats, including books, e-books, archived websites, exhibition catalogs, and artist files comprised of photographic reproductions of artworks and historical documentation.

To access the research guide, see Bibliography of BIPOC Artists, Collectors, and Dealers. Please note that the guide will be continually updated and more identities may be added as the project evolves.

The guide is organized according to the following identities:

  • Black Artists, Collectors, and Dealers
  • Indigenous Artists, Collectors, and Dealers
  • Asian and Asian American Artists, Collectors, and Dealers
  • Hispanic and Latinx Artists, Collectors, and Dealers

The terminology used in this research guide reflects current usage and understanding of these terms, which may not match how individuals self-identified, especially in historical cases. We acknowledge that these identities can include many different races and ethnicities and have chosen to list individuals according to their country of origin and nationality. We also recognize that some individuals possess multiple identities featured here, in which case they will be cross-listed in each relevant collection. In the case of Indigenous identities, these artists, dealers, and collectors have been listed according to the peoples or nations to which they belong, limited to those currently found in the Library’s collections. More specific identities with three or more related items in the collections have been given an individual sub-folder; otherwise they have been included under the main identity headings.

In addition to the aforementioned identity collections, this guide includes two other collections: “Eurocentric Perspectives” and “Museums and Libraries.” The first is comprised of Library holdings that discuss countries, cultural objects, and groups in objectifying ways according to antiquated Eurocentric viewpoints. The second includes literature related to collecting and display practices in museums and libraries, with a focus on repatriation and decolonization.

Note that you may encounter and need to perform searches using outdated, inaccurate, and offensive terminology, such as “Indians of North America.” These terms are still used in cataloging systems such as the Library of Congress Subject Heading Scheme and reflect usage at the time of the item’s creation.

This guide is maintained by members of the Frick Art Reference Library’s Reference Working Group. Many of the staff responsible for this guide identify as white. We have made efforts to consult resources regarding language and terminology developed by people belonging to the identities represented in this bibliography. Furthermore, we recognize that this work must also be undertaken in parallel with broader Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion (DEAI) efforts at our institution. If you would like to suggest improvements or changes to this guide regarding language, structure, or inclusivity, please email us at

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