Available Press Images

Images are available for publicity purposes; for coverage of the Frick in accredited media, business, or verified social media accounts; and for travel guidebooks and travel marketing materials. For any other use of images contact imagerights@frick.org

Please see below to view approved images and to fill out the request form. The works of art included are a selection from the collection; to view all objects, visit www.frick.org/art.

Available Images

Image Rights and Reproduction Policy for Press Use

  • The images distributed are on loan exclusively for publicity purposes. Permission for any subsequent use of this material must be sought separately by contacting the Communications & Marketing Department. 
  • Images must be reproduced crediting The Frick Collection and including photo credits as indicated or provided. Images provided by this department that come from the library’s collections must be credited to The Frick Collection/Frick Art Reference Library. 
  • Downloadable links may not be forwarded or distributed to others without prior permission.
  • Publisher shall furnish a complimentary copy, PDF, or website link of the article where the reproduction(s) appears. If images are distributed for social media posts, send screenshots or links.
  • For reproductions, images may not run off the edge of the paper and may not be superimposed with type matter or in any way defaced or altered. Exceptions have been granted, subject to prior conversation and approval. To pursue, contact communications@frick.org.
  • The word “detail” must appear in the caption with the complete credit line in the event that a detail is used.

Request Form

Please submit image requests by completing the form below.