Bellini’s St. Francis in the Desert to be Joined by Loans in the Living Hall in a Temporary Installation of Devotional Panels by Fra Bartolommeo and Garofalo

painting of beaded saint in half robes, seated outside near brick wall, writing in book surrounded by skull, book and hour glass

This spring and summer, the Frick’s famed painting St. Francis in the Desert by Giovanni Bellini (c. 1430/35–1516) will be flanked by later Renaissance depictions of Saint Jerome in the wilderness by Baccio della Porta (1472–1517), called Fra Bartolommeo, and Benvenuto Tisi (1481–1559), called Garofalo. On loan from The Alana Collection, the two panels exemplify the tradition of small-scale devotional works that inspired Bellini’s innovative, large-scale masterpiece. This presentation coincides with the exhibition from May 13 through July 20 of The Poetry of Parmigianino’s “Schiava Turca”, which relocates the Frick’s Titians—Portrait of a Man in a Red Cap and Pietro Aretino—from their customary positions in the Living Hall on either side of the Bellini to the Oval Room where they will be part of a panorama of Renaissance portraits. 

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