Frick to Host Symposium in Conjunction with Asia Week 2012

Exhibition Dates:
The Dragon and the Chrysanthemum: Collecting Chinese and Japanese Art in America, Thursday and Friday, March 15 &16, 2012
painting of woman in detailed robe seated on floor looking at pictures, next to gold screen

The Frick Collection is pleased to announce that immediately prior to the start of Asia Week in New York, it will host a two-day symposium on collecting Chinese and Japanese art in America.  This special event on March 15 and 16 will provide historical framework for the longstanding interest Americans have had and continue to have in Asian art.  Topics to be discussed range from the China Trade during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries;missionary collectors such as John Ferguson; Gilded-Age collectors from Boston and their passion for Chinese and Japanese art; distinguished collectors such as Laurence Sickman, who collected specifically for museums; dealers such as C. T. Loo; John D. Rockefeller III's collecting and his relationship with his advisor Sherman Lee; and, finally, the shifting trends of collecting Chinese and Japanese art after World War II. The symposium is made possible through the generous support of the Japanese Art Dealers Association.



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