In Time for the Holiday Season: A 17th-Century-Inspired Watch Newly Available at The Frick Collection

black watch, gold face with Roman numerals

The Frick is beloved as much because it is a historic home reflecting the taste of a great collector as it is because it is a museum. In addition to masterpieces by Vermeer and Rembrandt, The Frick Collection features decorative arts treasures such as the desk and commode of Marie Antoinette, rare Sèvres ceramics, and Renaissance bronzes. One of the museum’s newest treasures is a seventeenth-century French longcase clock decorated with a profusion of intricate and breathtaking Boulle marquetry. The clock has provided inspiration for a more portable version of itself in a modern, lightweight wristwatch now available through the museum’s Shop. This fashionably elegant timepiece will offer visitors a firsthand appreciation of an extremely beautiful work of decorative art.


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