Two New Online Databases Launched to Aid and Stimulate Research on Collectors

closeup photo of ledger with H.C. Frick header

The Frick Art Reference Library is pleased to announce the launch of two new electronic resources available online and at no charge. One is a directory of particular interest to those researching the history of collecting art in the United States, and the other is a database of inventories from the Dutch Golden Age. Comments Inge Reist, Director for the Frick’s Center for the History of Collecting in America, “We are thrilled to introduce these two resources, knowing that art historians and others will find them fascinating and rich in information. Nothing comparable to the Center’s new Archives Directory has ever existed―surprising given the increasing number of exhibitions based on individual collectors, among them William Randolph Hearst, the Clark Brothers, Grenville Winthrop, and Ambrose Vollard. Such a consolidated and easily searched online source as the new Archives Directory will prove invaluable to this deepening field of study and will ensure that researchers can locate primary documents such as letters, bills of sale, and other transaction records that are so essential to reliable scholarship. Indeed, users will more readily find their way to all manner of repositories, from those that are well-known to utterly unexpected caches, which in turn may lead to new discoveries and inspire fresh perspectives.”


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