Contributing to the Photoarchive

Help Us Update Our Information

Past and current owners have traditionally provided the Library with information about portrait subjects and provenance. This essential data for object-based research offers valuable primary source material that the Library continues to update. If you wish to contribute new documentation about the attribution, title, or ownership of a work of art represented in the Photoarchive, please click here to help us update our information. Use this form to send updates about attributions, titles, the owner or previous owners, or other relevant information.

Submit Digital Images or Photographs

The Photoarchive has historically relied on donations of photographs from museums, auction houses, galleries, as well as private collectors and photographers. If you wish to contribute a digital image or photograph to the Photoarchive collection, it can be submitted electronically using our Hightail account or mailed to the address below. Please include information about the attribution, title, current and previous owners, medium, and dimensions of the work of art as well as image or photograph source. When your file has been uploaded we will be alerted. By uploading your digital image, you agree to permit the Frick Art Reference Library to use the image or photograph in the online Photoarchive collection in the future.

To submit a traditional photograph, on paper, please send it to:

Frick Art Reference Library
Photoarchive Department
10 East 71st Street
New York, NY 10021


The Photoarchive welcomes donations in support of all of its activities. These include monetary gifts for acquisitions as well as donations of photographs and digital images that expand and enhance the existing collections still within the parameters established for the chronological and geographic scope of the archive.


Photoarchive Staff, in conjunction with Reference Staff, are able to respond to brief research questions by e-mail through Ask A Question