Charlotte Vignon

Charlotte Vignon is Associate Curator of Decorative Arts, The Frick Collection. For more information, see Research > Staff > Profiles.


Past Exhibition: Don Quixote

Close-up of tapestry with three shepherdesses dancing
Coypel’s Don Quixote Tapestries: Illustrating a Spanish Novel in Eighteenth-Century France
February 25, 2015 to May 17, 2015

Past Exhibition: Precision and Splendor

*mantle clock in gilt bronze, flanked by with figures bronze figures with books representing Study and Philosophy
Precision and Splendor: Clocks and Watches at The Frick Collection
January 23, 2013 to March 9, 2014

The Frick Collection has one of the most important public collections of European timepieces in the United States, much of it acquired through the 1999 bequest of the New York collector Winthrop Kellogg Edey. This extraordinary gift of thirty-eight watches and clocks dating from the Renaissance to the early nineteenth century covers the art of horology in France, Germany, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. For reasons of space, only part of the collection can be on permanent view in the museum’s galleries. In 2001, many pieces from the Edey collection were featured in The Art of the Timekeeper: Masterpieces from the Winthrop Edey Bequest, an exhibition organized at the Frick by guest curator William J. H. Andrewes. In 2013, visitors had another opportunity to explore the breadth and significance of the Edey collection through an exhibition that presented fourteen watches and eleven clocks from his bequest.

Past Exhibition: Exuberant Grotesques

large dish painted with scene of mythological figures, ringed in white with decoration
Renaissance Maiolica from the Fontana Workshop
September 15, 2009 to January 17, 2010

Although it was not until 2008 that the first piece of maiolica entered The Frick Collection, it was an extraordinary debut: a large dish painted with a narrative scene, oristoriato, inspired by Marcantonio Raimondi's print after The Judgment of Paris by Raphael. This scene is surrounded by colorful grotesques delicately painted on a white ground, a specialty of the renowned workshop of Orazio Fontana in Urbino, to which the best pieces are usually attributed.

Past Exhibition: Turkish Taste

Marble table with male figure supports on a gold base.
Turkish Taste at the Court of Marie-Antoinette
June 8, 2011 to September 11, 2011

France has long been fascinated by the Ottoman Empire, and for hundreds of years the taste for turquerie was evident in French fashion, literature, theater and opera, painting, architecture, and interior decoration. Turquerie, a term that came into use in the early nineteenth century, referred to essentially anything produced in the West that evoked or imitated Turkish culture.

Frick Five: Charlotte Vignon

In the second episode of “Frick Five,” Curator Aimee Ng interviews Charlotte Vignon, Director of the Musée national de céramique, Sèvres, and previously Curator of Decorative Arts at the Frick. Charlotte answers our five questions—and discusses her love for a certain Bohemian-born poet. (Hint: he once worked as a secretary for Rodin.)

Elective Affinities: Edmund de Waal at The Frick Collection

Link to video of Edmund de Waal discussing his installation at The Frick Collection
Acclaimed author and ceramist Edmund de Waal discusses the inspiration and technical process leading up to his exhibition of sculptures installed throughout The Frick Collection. Site-specific works made of porcelain, steel, gold, marble, and glass are displayed in the museum's main galleries alongside works from the permanent collection. On view from May 30, 2019 through November 17, 2019.

Charlotte Vignon: “French Faience: From Italian Beginnings to American Collecting”

Charlotte Vignon, Curator of Decorative Arts, The Frick Collection

The curator of the special exhibition provides an introduction to the origin and evolution of this colorful and technically complex art form. Focusing on collecting trends during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Vignon explores the historical context in which Sidney R. Knafel assembled his exceptional collection, part of which is a promised gift to The Frick Collection.

Masterpieces of French Faience: Selections from the Sidney R. Knafel Collection

Link to Masterpieces of French Faience exhibition video
Sidney R. Knafel in conversation with Charlotte Vignon, the Frick’s Curator of Decorative Arts, discussing his experiences as a collector and the current exhibition Masterpieces of French Faience: Selections from the Sidney R. Knafel Collection, on view at the Frick from October 10, 2018, through September 22, 2019.

Pierre Gouthière: ciseleur-doreur du roi

Link to French version of Pierre Gouthiere exhibition video

La vidéo ci-dessus explique les techniques de ciselure et de dorure employées par Pierre Gouthière (1732-1813). Elle a été produite pour accompagner l'exposition « Pierre Gouthière: Virtuoso Gilder at the French Court », qui se tient actuellement à la Frick Collection, jusqu'au 19 février 2017.