The Frick Collection

Giving a Second Life to Historic Light Fixtures

video still of chandelier and hand adjusting fixture

Watch as Dawn Ladd, founder of Aurora Lampworks, Inc., explains her team’s work restoring light fixtures for The Frick Collection’s Fifth Avenue home. By refurbishing the fixtures’ appearance and rewiring them to improve energy efficiency and lighting quality, visitors to the museum’s renovated buildings will enjoy their signature historic character while gaining a better viewing experience of the cherished works of art they house.

West Gallery Ceiling Restoration

Woman repairing ceiling

Enjoy another behind-the-scenes look at the renovation of The Frick Collection’s historic Fifth Avenue home. Megan Kinneen, Assistant Project Manager at EverGreene Architectural Arts, discusses the preservation of the West Gallery’s ceiling. Maintaining as much as possible from the original 1914 design, conservators from the firm have touched up areas of paint and plaster that have worn with age, in order to restore one of the museum’s most iconic spaces to its original glory.