Past Exhibition: Etchings of Charles Meryon in The Frick Collection

etching of a small bridge crossing the river Seine in Paris.
Etchings of Charles Meryon in The Frick Collection
July 3, 1968 to October 1, 1968

As part of a series of exhibitions of drawings and prints, The Frick Collection held this one devoted to the etchings of Charles Meryon (1821–1868). There are fourteen prints by Meryon belonging to The Frick Collection, all of which were acquired by Henry Clay Frick between 1916–1917.

Past Exhibition: Rembrandt Etchings

etching of cottages with tree in the foreground.
Rembrandt Etchings
March 31, 1982 to June 29, 1982

All of the Rembrandt prints in The Frick Collection were on display for the first time in many years. Freshly cleaned, restored, and mounted in new mats, the prints offer brilliant testimony to Rembrandt’s intensity and range of expression and to his virtuoso mastery of the etching technique. The eleven prints included religious subjects, portraits, and landscapes.