Giulio Dalvit

Middle Ground: Goya and Tacca, The Poetics of Metalwork

Giulio Dalvit, Assistant Curator of Sculpture, explores connections between Francisco de Goya’s painting The Forge and Pietro Tacca’s bronze statue Nessus and Deianira, made centuries apart and today found in adjacent galleries at Frick Madison. The statue is a remarkable achievement of the same type of labor depicted in Goya’s canvas, both employing metalwork as a powerful storytelling device.

Where in the World? Cochineal

video still of oil painting of main with long white beard in reddish purple robe, with hands on an open book
Assistant Curator of Sculpture Giulio Dalvit joins Curator Aimee Ng to investigate the history of the vibrant red pigment in El Greco’s sixteenth-century painting of Saint Jerome. The pigment is derived from crushed cochineal insects, sourced from the Central and South American colonies then under the control of El Greco’s adopted Spain.

Cocktails with a Curator: Houdon’s “Comtesse du Cayla”

video still of Giulio Dalvit and marble bust of woman

In this week’s episode of Cocktails with a Curator, Assistant Curator Giulio Dalvit examines the beguiling marble bust of The Comtesse du Cayla by Jean-Antoine Houdon. This beautifully intimate portrait showcases the artist’s virtuoso rendering of surfaces and volumes—it is almost impossible to imagine that the grapevine-girdled Comtesse began as a single block of marble. This week’s complementary cocktail, the Frosé, evokes summers in the south of France, where her family owned vast estates.