photo of Music Room of the Frick Collection

Music Room

Originally proposed for the second floor of the mansion, the auditorium (known today as the Music Room) was constructed at the end on the museum's main floor to allow easy access from both the Collection and the Library. The Music Room’s flattened domed ceiling and circular skylight indicate Pope’s intention that it could serve as both a lecture hall and an art gallery.

Archival Photographs

  • photo of circular room with paintings and stage, circa 1935

    Music Room, 1935

  • photo of room with empty seats and door, circa 1963

    Music Room, 1963

  • photo of round room with empty chairs and aisle leading to doorway, circa 1966

    Music Room, 1966

  • photo of dome-like room with empty chairs, stage and curtain, circa 1966

    Music Room, 1966