Breguet: Carriage Clock

gold carriage clock with multiple dials and handle, and depiction of  night sky

Abraham-Louis Breguet (1747–1823)
Antoine-Louis Breguet (1776–1858)
Gilt-Bronze Carriage Clock with Calendar
Paris, 1811
Dial engraved: “BREGUET ET FILS NO. 2678”
H.: 4 ¾ in (12.4 cm)
Bequest of Winthrop Kellogg Edey, 1999
Accession number: 1999.5.152 

Abraham-Louis Breguet designed and made this carriage clock about thirteen years after he invented the first carriage clocks. Such timekeepers were designed to provide all the time-related information the wealthy traveler might need during a long journey: the dial indicates the age and phase of the moon, and the day, month, and year. When it is too dark to see the dial, the button at the top of the case can be pushed down to make the clock strike the time to the last quarter hour. There is also an alarm, which is set for the number of hours of sleep rather than the time of rising. 


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