Visual Index

  • ornate gilt-brass table clock with astronomical and calendrical dials, with woman holding bell at top
  • ornate gilt-bronze table clock, in the shape of tower from classical architecture
  • extremely ornate gilt-brass tower table clock, with angel at each foot of base
  • detailed silver gilt calendrical and astronomical pendant watch, circa 1625
  • gilt-brass and silver table clock in the shape of a tower, with multiple dials, including astronomical and calendrical dials
  • gold and enamel pendant watch depicting woman's portrait surrounded by town scenes and flowers
  • gold, rock crystal, and enamel pendant watch, hanging from chain
  • gold and enamel pocket watch with white face
  • gold and enamel pendant watch with white face and depiction of man and woman in each other's arms at center
  • gold and blue enamel pocket watch with white face
  • ornate gold four-legged clock standing on a wall bracket with angel at top and lion's head at bottom
  • three vases in Chinese porcelain, embellished with gilt bronze mounts, one vase with a gilded serpent keeping time
  • gilt-bronze and enamel mantel regulator clock showing mean and solar time, with pendulum and depicting astrological symbols on face
  • mantle clock in gilt bronze, flanked by with figures bronze figures with books representing Study and Philosophy
  • Spherical glass and gilt-brass clock supported by a terracotta sculpture of a pillar surrounded by three nude female figures
  • clock depicitng two carytids, (carving of a draped female figure, used as a pillar to support the entablature of a Greek building) in black bronze holding golden clock in Greek architecture
  • gold and silver double-dial desk watch showing decimal and traditional time
  • Malachite and Gilt-Bronze Mantel Clock
  • gold pocket watch with tourbillon
  • Gold framed pocket watch, white face with Roman numerals
  • gold carriage clock with multiple dials and handle, and depiction of  night sky
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