Visual Index

  • Painted portrait of a bearded man wearing black clothing with white lace cuffs and a white neck ruff.
  • A painted portrait of a woman wearing a black cloak trimmed with white lace at the wrists and gold brocade down the front of her dress. She wears a white cap and white neck ruff and holds a glove in her left hand.
  • Painting showing a small group of spotlit figures in a large, dark interior space. In the group kneels an old man who holds the infant Jesus. Another kneeling man and woman are next to the old man. A tall figure dressed in a robe and headdress stands and faces the group. Other people are standing and seated in the distance watching the scene.
  • Painted portrait of a seated man, facing front, with a gray beard and mustache and a reddened face. He wears a black hat with a large brim, and black clothing with a white lace collar.
  • Painting of a bird with a red face, yellow beak, gold body and striped wing, A thin chain attached to its leg keeps the bird tethered to the feed box on which it sits.
  • A painting showing a young woman, elegantly dressed and sitting at a table that is partly covered by a carpet. She writes a letter using a quill pen.
  • A painting showing a young woman who leans over a table filled with food and sprinkles salt on an oyster.
  • Painting of a group of adults and children seated and standing around a table filled with food including grapes,a peeled lemon and oysters. One seated woman raises a glass into which wine is poured by a standing man. Another woman holds a young child on her lap. A man holds a long white pipe while a young boy smokes it. Next to them, a man plays bagpipes. A white dog with brown spots stands looking at the people as does a red parrot.
  • Painting of a bust-length woman looking over her shoulder and wearing a headdress and a large pearl earring.
  • A landscape painting showing sunlit yellow fields and various buildings including a large church in the distance. White fluffy clouds fill the pale blue sky.
  • A painting showing a seated young woman who shields he nearly nude body with her arms.
  • Painting of bust-length portrait of a man who looks over his shoulder at the viewer. He wears a dark hat with a large feather, dark clothing with gold embroidery and a metal collar around his neck.
  • Painting showing a seated elderly woman who holds a pillow on her lap to assist her lace making. Next to her is a table on which gleaming earthenware and stacked kindling are placed.
  • A painting showing objects on a table which include a human skull, a timepiece, a glossy blue ribbon, a snuffed oil lamp and a stack of brittle sheets of paper.
  • A painting depicting five orange apricots placed on a tabletop. The green leaves of the fruit are speckled with insect holes.
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