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Past Exhibition

Apotheosis of Romulus

Photograph of a frescoed ceiling.

Vittorio Maria Bigari (1692–1776)
Apotheosis of Romulus, ca. 1730–31 (destroyed 1943)
From Attilio Centelli and Gerardo Molfese, Gli affreschi di G.B. Tiepolo raccolti da Gerardo Molfese con uno studio di Attilio Centelli (Turin, 1897), pl. 5
Page from unbound book
17 5/8 × 23 1/2 in. (448 × 598 cm)
Azienda di Servizi alla Persona Golgi-Redaelli, Milan
su autorizzazione dell'Azienda di Servizi alla Persona Golgi-Redaelli di Milano


A large volume dedicated to the Archinto frescoes was compiled by Attilio Centelli and Gerardo Molfese and published in 1897. Included is a brief text on Tiepolo by Centelli and a series of fifty black-and-white illustrations. The Centelli and Molfese volume attributes all the Archinto frescoes to Tiepolo, but we now know that the Bolognese painter Vittorio Maria Bigari (1692–1776) painted three of them. The Apotheosis of Romulus, Bigari's largest fresco in the palazzo, decorated one of the rooms on the piano nobile.