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Past Exhibition

All Objects

  • oil painting depicting old man leaning over cane with long white beard
  • oil painting depicting man holding column like structure
  • oil canvas depicting man with walking stick and wearing hooded shabby outerwear
  • oil canvas depicting man in ornate cape and holding out gold chain
  • oil painting of man with crown, scepter, and ornate robe, with lion at feet
  • oil painting of man holding large stick or boe
  • oil painting depicting man in tunic, with sack on his back and a donkey
  • oil painting of man with ornate robes and staff with snake on it
  • oil painting depicting man with chest armor and club-like instrument
  • oil painting depicting man holding basket of bread, with large staff
  • oil painting of man with tunic and shovel over shoulder
  • oil painting of man in ornate clothing, holding a thin staff in one hand, and paper in other
  • oil painting of young man holding staff at hip and a leash attached to a dog