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  • The Surrealists and A L'Etoile scellée

    Founder of surrealism, André Breton (1896–1966) had roles as an advisor to three Parisian galleries: La galerie Surréaliste, 16, rue Jacques Callot, 1926–28; La galerie Gradiva, 31, rue de Seine, 1937–1938; and A L'Etoile scellée, 11, rue du Pré-aux-Clercs, 1952–56.

  • Turner at East 70th Street before The Frick Collection

    The first two Turner paintings in the United States were bought by James Lenox (1800–1880) in 1845 and 1850, and were on display in The Lenox Library, which was demolished in 1912 to make way for the construction of the Frick mansion.

  • The Second Second Post-Impressionist Show, 1913

    Roger Fry (1866–1934) organized the exhibition Manet and the Post-Impressionists at the Grafton Galleries, 8 Grafton Street, London, 8 November 1910–11 January 1911.

  • Delius Buys A Gauguin

    Last week I was transcribing a recording of my interview with the painter, Noel Forster (1932–2007), for a forthcoming monograph on him. Noel recalls his first stay in London, in Lupus Street, Pimlico.

  • A Frenchman in Cairo

    Twenty-seven percent of the Frick Art Reference Library's book collection has no other library location in WorldCat. One recent addition to these "uniques" is Couronne d'amour: poemes by the cloisonnist painter, Emile Bernard (1868-1941). It was published in 1902 by the Imprimerie E.

  • A Dadaist Doctor in New York

    One of the founders of Dada with Hugo Ball, Richard Huelsenbeck (1892-1974) took part in the activities of the Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich, including creating and performing the simultaneous Dada poem L’amiral cherc...

  • Gilding the Gilded Age

    Phase III of the digital collection, Documenting the Gilded Age, made possible by a grant from the Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO), has just been completed. A collaborative project, this phase includes material from The Frick Art Reference Library and The William Randolph Hearst Archive at Long Island University (LIU) Post.

  • The Artist as Tavern-keeper

    It's an interesting moment when a book dealer brings in something that neither the dealer nor you yourself quite know what it could possibly be. The item in question was an eight-page manuscript in ink, entitled Catalogue of an exhibition of paintings now exhibiting at the Lyceum Strand the whole painted by Mr Keyse. It looks like a maquette for a printed catalog, as the...

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  • On Time

    Edey’s annotated copy of Maurice Rheims, The Strange Life of Objects (New York, 1961)

  • Collecting Spanish Art

    The Frick Collection's Center for the History of Collecting was established in 2007. Its program includes a series of international symposia and it has begun to publish their proceedings.