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  • Photoarchive Centennial Project: Carrying the Library's Founding Collection Forward

    As part of the preparations for its centennial celebrations in 2022, the Frick Art Reference Library is partnering with Global Art Access to digitize 100 paintings in private collections that were first captured by photographers hired by the Frick from the 1920s to the 1960s. MORE »
  • Library Debuts Interactive Map of 20th-Century Frick Photo Expeditions

    To enhance the discoverability of Photoarchive materials, the library launched a collaboration with the Center for Advanced Research of Spatial Information at Hunter College, City University of New York in 2014 to develop an interactive digital map that traces the movement of library staff and photographers as they traveled across the United States and recorded paintings and sculptures in...

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  • Staff Favorites: Cave Dweller

    Christopher Snow Hopkins, Assistant Editor, looks closely at the barefoot cave dweller in Bellini’s St. Francis in the Desert: “The forest was his chapel, the birds his parishioners.” MORE »
  • Staff Favorites: A Painter, Painted

    Mikhail Shklyarevsky, Acquisitions Assistant, Frick Art Reference Library, observes that the stern countenance of the sitter in Van Dyck’s portrait of Frans Snyders is the look of a person who has gained wisdom through hardship.
  • Staff Favorites: Northern Baroque 400

    Payton Goad, Executive Assistant, Frick Art Reference Library, vowed to work with Old Masters after seeing Vermeer’s Officer and Laughing Girl when she was a senior in college: “In my eyes, nothing else could compare.”
  • Staff Favorites: Monster Slayer

    Lorenzo De Los Angeles III, Reference Assistant, Frick Art Reference Library, considers the French seventeenth-century bronze Hercules and the Hydra in the context of the 1963 sci-fi flick Jason and the Argonauts. MORE »
  • Staff Favorites: Forging My Way

    Isabel Losada, Manager for Membership, didn’t hesitate when asked during a job interview, “What work of art best illustrates your work ethic?” Her answer: Goya’s depiction of three metalworkers engaging in intense labor. MORE »
  • Staff Favorites: I Thought That Guy Looked Familiar

    Liz Daly, Community Relations Manager, had an epiphany some years ago while looking at El Greco’s St. Jerome: That guy looks exactly like Samuel Beckett.
  • Staff Favorites: A Blind Date at the Frick

    Monica Sands, Sales Associate, Retail and Visitor Services, imagines her parents stopping to look at Vermeer's Officer and Laughing Girl during a blind date at The Frick Collection in the mid-1950s. MORE »
  • Staff Favorites: From Comics to the Dutch Golden Age

    Tommy Mishima, Museum Shop Inventory Coordinator, recalls seeing Rembrandt’s Self-Portrait in a children’s encyclopedia when he was eight years old. Ten years later, he came face-to-face with the painting for the first time.