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  • Reading List: Halloween and the Supernatural

    Celebrate Halloween with a list of recommended reads from the Frick Art Reference Library! Available for consultation by appointment in the library’s reading room, these books explore scholarship on spooky themes associated with the holiday, from gothic horror to Surrealism, witches, and the supernatural.
  • Ars Longa: Documenting a Trove of Frescoes Nearly Lost to War

    The Camposanto complex in Pisa, Italy, housed some of the most significant fresco paintings from the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries—until their near destruction during World War II. The Frick Art Reference Library’s Photoarchive contains images from before the damage and prior to extensive restoration efforts, providing a window into a crucial period in the site’s long history.
  • Reading List: National Hispanic Heritage Month

    The Frick Art Reference Library offers a recommended reading list from its collection in celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month. The selected titles explore a wide array of contributions by Hispanic and Latinx artists, collectors, and scholars, vital fixtures in the history of the art in the United States.
  • Ars Longa: Capturing a Revolutionary Restoration

    An image held in the Frick’s Photoarchive shows a statue of King Louis XII of France standing in regal bearing. At the Louvre today, you’ll find the sculpture displayed in three separate pieces. In this post, learn about the moment captured in the Photoarchive and its place in the object’s turbulent physical history.
  • Mapping Provenance: Vermeer's "Mistress and Maid"

    Digital tools allow us to visualize the trajectory of an artwork through time and space. Explore an interactive map tracing the meandering path of Johannes Vermeer’s Mistress and Maid (ca. 1666–67) around the globe, from Vermeer’s studio in Delft in the seventeenth century to the second floor of Frick Madison in 2021.
  • Data Discoveries: Completing the Picture of Artists in the Photoarchive

    Emma Claire Marvin, a spring/summer 2021 practicum student and content consultant in the Frick Art Reference Library, explains her work on the library’s ongoing Wikidata project. The project enhances the online discoverability of artists represented in the Photoarchive, and Emma Claire describes her research that contributed to the creation of a brand-new Wikidata “item” for lesser-known French artist Marie Perrier (1864–1941).
  • Reading List: Pride Month

    Happy Pride Month from the Frick Art Reference Library! Celebrate by discovering a selection of recommended reads (both hardcover titles and freely accessible e-books) that spotlight LGBTQ+ art, artists, and history.
  • Reading List: Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

    In recognition of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month this May, browse through a list of recommended reading from the Frick Art Reference Library. Consult the physical books in our reading room at Frick Madison or peruse the free e-books online, all of which highlight artistic contributions of Asian and Pacific Islander Americans.
  • Reading List: Frick Madison

    Celebrate the recent opening of Frick Madison by exploring works on view at our temporary new home through past staff-written articles from the Members’ Magazine. Learn about the frames in the collection, conservation discoveries about a rare bronze, Frick’s first Vermeer acquisition, and much more. Past issues of the magazine—published three times a year as a benefit for members—can be browsed online in their entirety.
  • Reading List: Women's History Month

    In honor of Women’s History Month, discover ten free e-books available through the Frick Art Reference Library’s catalog that celebrate a wide range of women artists, art historians, and collectors throughout history.