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  • Remembering Helen Sanger, Frick’s First Mellon Chief Librarian

    Helen Sanger (1923–2020), the Frick Art Reference Library’s first Andrew W. Mellon Chief Librarian, passed away in July at the age of 96. Her forty-seven-year career at the library shaped the institution profoundly, and her legacy lives on in many areas of its initiatives.
  • Untold Histories: The Push of a Button

    In this installment of Untold Histories, explore the relics of the Fricks' extensive annunciator system. This network of call bells connected the family to its staff and offers a glimpse into the rhythms of domestic service at 1 East 70th Street.

  • Untold Histories: Minerva Stone, Housekeeper (Part 2)

    Housekeeper Minerva Stone is integral to the story of those who kept the Fricks’ Gilded Age home running. Though no personal accounts survive, we can paint a picture of Stone’s larger biography, lending context to the years she spent at the crossroads of her employer’s immense wealth and majority-immigrant staff.

  • New Discoveries Offer Answers to Mystery of Frick's Vermeer

    The Frick's beloved Mistress and Maid (1666–67) by Johannes Vermeer poses many unanswered questions, notably its seemingly unfinished background. A recent technical study in collaboration with The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Doerner Institut uncovers important new information about the painting, one of only thirty-six works attributed to the artist.  MORE »
  • How to Create an Online Collection

    Would you like to save and share your favorite works of art from The Frick Collection? Do you have a unique idea for a themed online collection? You can do all these things using My Collections. MORE »
  • Untold Histories: Minerva Stone, Housekeeper (Part 1)

    In this entry, we meet Minerva Stone, who occupied the post of housekeeper for nearly the entire time Henry Clay Frick lived at 1 East 70th Street. Stone oversaw the management of the family’s new home with meticulous attention to detail, eventually becoming the second highest-paid member of the household staff.
  • Preserving the Digital Presence of New York City Galleries

    Web archiving is the process of collecting web-based content with a web crawler and preserving the content in an archival format. The Frick Art Reference Library is currently involved in a project to capture and preserve the online-only content of New York City galleries.
  • Untold Histories: A Parallel Household

    The debut post of "Untold Histories" introduces the behind-the-scenes staff of the Frick residence, a private home from 1914–31. Associate Museum Educator Caitlin Henningsen considers what remains of this domestic life in the museum today and examines the 1915 state census entry that inspired this ongoing project.
  • ARIES: ARt Image Exploration Space

    The Digital Art History Lab is proud to present ARIES, an innovative and intuitive web-based platform that allows art historians to work with digital images easily and effectively.
  • One Portrait, Two Identifications

    Among the many images reproduced in the collection of the Frick Art Reference Library's Photoarchive is a stunning likeness of a vivacious young woman in a feathered hat. Thanks to the Library's photographic campaigns, the true identity of the sitter as well as the correct attribution of the portrait are part of the art-historical record.