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  • One Hundred Years at the Library: Surrealism in Print

    As we continue celebrating the centennial of the Frick Art Reference Library, Stephen J. Bury, Andrew W. Mellon Chief Librarian, explores an unexpected strength of the library’s collections: materials on modern art. In this post, Stephen discusses a sample of the library’s exhibition catalogs from the Surrealist movement, which began in Paris in 1924, the same year the Frick Art Reference Library opened its first dedicated building.
  • Reading List: New Perspectives on Vermeer

    In celebration of Johannes Vermeer’s 390th birthday this month, explore a recommended reading list from the Frick Art Reference Library on the artist’s life and work by Eugénie Fortier, Acting Storage and Retrieval Lead. All the resources on this list were published within the last two decades, speaking to the Dutch artist’s continuing legacy nearly four hundred years later.
  • Middle Ground: Reynolds and Chinard, Capturing Fleeting Glory

    The power of portraiture is particularly potent on the fourth floor of Frick Madison. Considering two seemingly unrelated likenesses on view—Reynolds’s General John Burgoyne and Chinard’s Étienne Vincent de Margnolas—Rebecca Leonard, Curatorial Assistant, examines the works’ uneasy balance between glory and tragedy, epitomizing portraiture’s poignant reflection of the human condition.
  • The Frick's Velázquez in "The Maltese Falcon"

    Christopher Snow Hopkins, Associate Editor, examines the appearance of the Frick’s King Philip IV of Spain by Diego Velázquez in the classic film The Maltese Falcon—a tantalizing cameo that has not been commented upon before.
  • Intern Insights: Summer 2022

    This summer, The Frick Collection hosted a talented and enthusiastic group of interns across eight museum and library departments. In this post, read the interns’ lively reflections on their experiences at the Frick.
  • Intern Digitization Project: Picturesque Views of Paris

    Discover a newly digitized book of engravings of views of Paris from the 1780s, the product of a collaborative project by the four summer 2022 interns at the Frick Art Reference Library.
  • Reading List: Ukrainian Art and Artists

    Celebrate Ukrainian art with a recommended reading list from the Frick Art Reference Library by Eugénie Fortier, Acting Storage and Retrieval Lead. Peruse these publications to discover a wide breadth of art styles and media and to learn how artists from Ukraine have explored their home country’s history and culture through time.
  • Reading List: Disability Pride Month

    In celebration of Disability Pride Month, Michelle McCarthy-Behler, Reference Lead at the Frick Art Reference Library, presents a recommended reading list of monographs and exhibition catalogs that highlight people with disabilities throughout art history.
  • One Hundred Years at the Library: From Prints to Pixels

    As we continue to celebrate the Frick Art Reference Library’s one-hundredth anniversary, Kerri A. Pfister, Photoarchivist, guides us through the library’s collections of reproductions, which have enabled the widespread study of art history. From printmaking to photography to digital imagery, the library has offered cutting-edge technologies through the ages to fulfill its mission of making art resources accessible to the public. Objects featured in this post are part of the celebratory publication One Hundred Objects in the Frick Art Reference Library, available in the Frick’s shop.
  • Locating Rose H. Lorenz in the Frick Archives

    The Frick Collection and Frick Art Reference Library Archives contain records of countless significant individuals in the history of art and art collecting. Recent research brought to light Rose H. Lorenz, an early twentieth-century gallery and auction house professional who worked with Henry Clay Frick and defied expectations for women in the field.