One Hundred Years at the Library: Mary Jane Morgan's Collection of Paintings

February 28, 2023

The Frick Art Reference Library holds perhaps the only surviving copy of the paintings catalog of Mary Jane Morgan, a New York City art collector from the late 1800s. The paintings guide is one of the library’s more than 1,600 private collection catalogs, a number of which were acquired by founder Helen Clay Frick. In this episode, Samantha Deutch, Digital Art History Lead, investigates this fascinating catalog, its use as a visitor guide to Morgan’s home, and other materials related to Morgan’s record-setting collection sale.

All the objects highlighted in this video series are featured in the celebratory publication One Hundred Objects in the Frick Art Reference Library, available for purchase at the shop. You can consult materials in the library's collections in our reading room—book a free visit today.

One Hundred Years at the Library is supported in part by Virginia and Randall Barbato.



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