The Montias Database: Exploring 17th-Century Dutch Domestic Interiors Digitally

April 3, 2023

Join the Frick Art Reference Library for lunchtime talks spotlighting how the data in The Montias Database of 17th-Century Dutch Art Inventories can be used digitally by art historians to glean new insights.

Weixuan Li, a post-doctoral researcher at Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society, will present a "spatial reading" methodology using the data to analyze the display of paintings in seventeenth-century Amsterdam homes, contrasting the use of interior spaces between painters and their clients.

Leon van Wissen, a data engineer at the University of Amsterdam, will showcase how the data from the Montias Database can be utilized in a digital environment. He will demonstrate a prototype of an online viewer that integrates the Montias data with information from other sources, including the Getty Provenance Index and original scanned records.


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