Center for the History of Collecting

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About the Center

The Center for the History of Collecting was established at the Frick Art Reference Library in 2007 to encourage and support the study of the formation of collections of fine and decorative arts, both public and private, in Europe and the United States from the Renaissance to the present day.

The Center plays an active role in this field of inquiry by bringing together scholars engaged in research that reflects many facets of cultural history.

To serve this community of scholars, the Center offers fellowships and seminars, hosts symposia and study days, and creates the tools needed for access to primary documents generated by art collectors and dealers.

The Center has an active publications program and from 2009–2017 awarded a biennial book prize to the author of a distinguished publication on the History of Collecting in America.

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From left to right: Inge Reist, Director of the Center for the History of Collecting, Emerita; Esmée Quodbach, Assistant Director; Samantha Deutch, Assistant Director