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The mission of the Frick Art Reference Library is to provide public access to materials and programs focused on the study of fine and decorative arts created in the Western tradition from the fourth to the mid-twentieth century. It serves an international research community and supports institutional initiatives.

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100th Anniversary Publication

In 2022, the Frick Art Reference Library will celebrate the one-hundredth anniversary of opening its doors to the public for the first time in its original location—the bowling alley of the Frick family mansion located at 1 East 70th Street in New York City.

To commemorate this milestone, the Library is publishing a book that highlights 100 objects from its collections. Through the lens of these objects, the publication will examine how the Library has evolved over the past century and explore how its collections help illustrate the history of art.

We are grateful to the Eugene V. and Clare E. Thaw Charitable Trust for supporting this project and to the staff and interns who have contributed to it over the past few years.

See the intern projects below for a preview of some of the objects that will be included in the publication.

A Peek into the Past Podcast

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All images for American artists in the Library's Photoarchive are now available through Frick Digital Collections.

All fully documented works of art are digitized and available through Frick Digital Collections. A large number of partially documented works are also available online including all by American artists. All non-digitized materials may be recalled for consultation by appointment onsite at Frick Madison. Please contact us with any questions at