Mistress and Maid

Mapping Provenance: Vermeer's "Mistress and Maid"

Digital tools allow us to visualize the trajectory of an artwork through time and space. Explore an interactive map tracing the meandering path of Johannes Vermeer’s Mistress and Maid (ca. 1666–67) around the globe, from Vermeer’s studio in Delft in the seventeenth century to the second floor of Frick Madison in 2021.

New Discoveries Offer Answers to Mystery of Frick's Vermeer

Two conservators seated at a table in a lab, one looking at Vermeer's "Mistress and Maid" painting through a microscope
The Frick's beloved Mistress and Maid (1666–67) by Johannes Vermeer poses many unanswered questions, notably its seemingly unfinished background. A recent technical study in collaboration with The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Doerner Institut uncovers important new information about the painting, one of only thirty-six works attributed to the artist.