Vincent van Gogh

Link to video of Jorgen Wadum lecture

The interiors of Danish painter Vilhelm Hammershøi reveal an understanding of light and its play in space comparable to that of Vermeer and Whistler, while his methods relate to those of Van Gogh. This lecture illustrates the surprising methodological approaches and techniques used by these artists in creating spatial illusions in seemingly unrelated artistic expressions.

impressionistic painting of flower garden
Vincent van Gogh, Flowering GardenJanuary 10, 1992 to January 10, 1994

Vincent van Gogh's luminous landscape, Flowering Garden, executed by the artist at Arles in the summer of 1888, was placed on loan by a private foundation for a two-year period. Flowering Garden is a large vertical canvas depicting the flat expanse of a field of flowers, framed on the right by the wall of a farmhouse and trees, and at the high horizon by a line of low farm buildings with red-tiled roofs.

Link to video about 'Van Gogh's Portrait of a Peasant (Patience Escalier)' from the Norton Simon Museum

Before its presentation at The Frick Collection for the exhibition, Van Gogh's Portrait of a Peasant (Patience Escalier) traveled from the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena to the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, where it was examined by a team of paintings conservators. The results of this close look at the painting and the details it revealed about the artist's technique are presented in this video, which is also accessible in the Frick's Media Room through January 20, 2013.

Link to introductory video for the exhibition 'Van Gogh's Portrait of a Peasant (Patience Escalier)'

Susan Grace Galassi, Senior Curator at The Frick Collection, offers an introduction to van Gogh's Portrait of a Peasant (Patience Escalier) and the context in which it was created. The video will be on view in the Music Room at the Frick during the run of the exhibition.