• Andrew Casper: "El Greco's Italian Period and Artistic Hybridity"

    El Greco’s decade-long sojourn in Venice and Rome has recently been the focus of scholarly attention, but it has yet to be adequately reconciled with the entirety of his artistic career. Referencing studies of cultural hybridity in the early modern world, Andrew Casper explores El Greco’s assimilation of Italian Renaissance painting as well as the evolution of his idiosyncratic style.

    Andrew Casper is Assistant Professor of Art History at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

  • Jeongho Park: "Vincenzo Anastagi, El Greco, and Henry Clay Frick"

    El Greco’s Vincenzo Anastagi  is one of three portraits from the painter’s formative Italian period. Jeongho Park explores the significance of this important work in the context of El Greco’s career and the implications of Henry Clay Frick's aquisition of this painting for his art collection. 
    Jeongho Park is the Curatorial Research Associate at the Blanton Museum of Art, University of Texas, Austin, and former Anne L. Poulet Fellow at The Frick Collection. 
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