Visual Index

  • photo of faux porphyry vase with an incense burners on either side, all decorated with gilt bronze
  • black wooden standing clock, with horizontal rotating time dials, decorated with gilt-bronze and enamel
  • pair of gilt-bronze pitchers, one adorned with a half-man, the other, a half-woman
  • pair of gilt bronze and porphyry large jugs decorated with half-man creature on one, and half-woman creature on the other
  • small standing clock, with horizontal rotating time dials, decorated with gilt-bronze, agate and enamel
  • gilt bronze window knob, adorned with overlapping "DB" at its center
  • marble vase with double gilt-bronze handles, and top, circa 1770
  • pair of blue and gilt-bronze pot-pourri vases shaped like swans
  • pair of maroon vases on golden pedestals, circa 1770
  • pair of granite vases on mounted legs made of gilt-bronze, circa 1770
  • pair of gilt bronze firedogs, decorated with leaves and scenes inlcuding one of child leading goat to sacrifice
  • gilt bronze capital decorated with leaves intended to be the top of a column
  • green porphyry vase decorated with gilt-bronze seated female figures on either side
  • green porphyry vase with top, decorated with gilt-bronze ram heads on either side
  • pair of porcelain incense burners held on gilt bronze legs and pedestals
  • pair of gilt-bronze and blue-steeled firedogs, shaped as seated one-humped camels
  • pair of gilt bronze wall lights, decorated in flowers and leaves, hung from chain
  • one of pair of gilt bronze firedog, in which an eagle has its talon in creature beneath it
  • photo of four-legged marble side table, decorated in gilt-bronze detail with a face at the center, circa 1781
  • photo of pair of white porcelain candelabras, on pedestals, decorated with gilt-bronze
  • sketch of blue pitcher with woman figure as handle
  • large sea-green porcelain vase, decorated with gilt-bronze snakes and harpies
  • pair of large porcelain jugs with gilt-bronze decorations such as female heads, goat heads and swan head spouts
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