Lecture Videos

  • Panel Discussion: 'Who's Not in the Picture?'

    Panelists address questions of identity in western art, examining histories of visibility, representation, and exclusion. Moderated by Lucy Jane Lang. Panel speakers include Blake Bradford, Jessica Bell Brown, Susan E. Cahan, Risham Majeed, and Aimee Ng.

  • David Young Kim: "Moroni’s Gray Grounds"

    David Young Kim, Associate Professor, History of Art, University of Pennsylvania

    How are we to look at and understand the areas surrounding the sitters in Giovanni Battista Moroni’s portraits? Focusing on gray, the color that predominates these spatial intervals, this talk explores how the walls, pavements, and ledges in the artist’s canvases impact the representation and meaning of the Renaissance human figure.

  • Aimee Ng: “Truth and Fiction in Italian Renaissance Portraiture”

    Giovanni Battista Moroni is celebrated for his seeming ability to capture his sitters exactly as they appeared before him. Aimee Ng, co-curator of Moroni: The Riches of Renaissance Portraiture, investigates the notion of "truth" in the artist's work, as well as its inventiveness, complexity, and innovation.
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