Past Exhibition: Tiepolo Punchinello Drawings

Tiepolo Punchinello Drawings
January 22, 1980 to March 30, 1980
drawing of punchinello and donkeys

An exhibition of Domenico Tiepolo's tragicomic and enigmatic Punchinello drawings. Previously shown at the Indiana University Art Museum and the Stanford University Museum of Art, this exhibition was organized by Adelheid Gealt, Curator of Drawings at the Indiana University Museum. About fifty of the original series of one hundred and four sheets from Domenico Tiepolo’s "Divertimento per li regazzi" were on view at The Frick Collection. The entire series was exhibited only once, at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, in 1921, and was subsequently dispersed. The series constitutes one of the most brilliant achievements of Venetian art dating from the end of the Republic. The drawings were complemented by further loans including eighteenth-century porcelain commedia dell'arte figurines and contemporary fans with scenes from daily life lent by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, as well as The Country Dance, an oil painting by Domenico Tiepolo from a private collection.

Domenico Tiepolo, Punchinello with Donkeys Before a Farmhouse (detail), Indiana University Art Museum, Bloomington, IN.

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