Aimee Ng

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Where in the World? Lacquer

video still of lacquer cabinet depicting four men

Marie-Laure Buku Pongo, Assistant Curator of Decorative Arts, joins Curator Aimee Ng to investigate two cross-cultural cabinets from the 1760s. The pair of cabinets combines French materials and craft with elements made a century earlier and oceans away—eight sumptuous black-and-gold lacquer panels taken from imported Japanese objects. A traditional Asian art form, lacquerware was made through a time-consuming and dangerous process, and the mysteries that Japan held in Europe enhanced the material’s popularity in fashionable French furniture.

Cocktails with a Curator: From Series to Publication

You asked and we listened! Based on The Frick Collection’s acclaimed video series of the same name, the Cocktails with a Curator book is now available. Here, watch as curators Xavier F. Salomon, Aimee Ng, and Giulio Dalvit reflect on the unexpected popularity of the series and their excitement to share engaging histories of Frick artworks, paired with themed drinks, with readers around the world. Cheers!

Where in the World? Pearl

closeup of painting of woman in yellow dress with large pearl earring

In this episode of Where in the World?, Curator Aimee Ng dives deep into the history of pearls and their appearance in paintings by Vermeer. In seventeenth-century Holland, pearls signified a wearer’s ability to purchase the expensive natural gems, which skilled divers in the Dutch colonies harvested from the Indian Ocean under dangerous conditions.

Where in the World? Cochineal

video still of oil painting of main with long white beard in reddish purple robe, with hands on an open book
Assistant Curator of Sculpture Giulio Dalvit joins Curator Aimee Ng to investigate the history of the vibrant red pigment in El Greco’s sixteenth-century painting of Saint Jerome. The pigment is derived from crushed cochineal insects, sourced from the Central and South American colonies then under the control of El Greco’s adopted Spain.

Living Histories: In Conversation with Doron Langberg

video still of Aimee Ng and Doron Langberg sitting while talking

Curator Aimee Ng sits down for a conversation with Doron Langberg, one of the four contemporary artists participating in Living Histories: Queer Views and Old Masters. Doron describes developing his artistic sensibility from a young age, finding his footing in New York City, and delving into the painterly language of the Old Masters from a queer perspective to produce his painting Lover—on view at Frick Madison adjacent to Hans Holbein the Younger’s Sir Thomas More into January 2022.